5 Front Door Trellis Ideas (DIY + Photos)

A front door trellis can add a touch of elegance and curb appeal to your home.

These trellises can be used as a simple wall-mount plant stand or can be designed to surround the front door to give it a more cottage feel.

Wood trellises can also be used as stylish outdoor plant stands.

You can either build one yourself or attach one that you already own to your front door.

1. The planter bench

If you’re considering a DIY project for your front door, consider a front door trellis with a planter bench.

A trellis is a great way to showcase a variety of plants. It is easy to build and can go anywhere around the home.

Climbing plants are especially attractive and add a charming touch to an otherwise ordinary garden. Using a trellis can also add charm to a simple flower bed.

To make a trellis, you need to purchase cedar boards that are overlapping. The boards should consist of horizontal 1×3 and 1×6 slats and vertical 2×2 pickets. You can use a jigsaw to cut the wood to the proper length.

You can also place a scrap 1×3 on the edge of the front trellis for proper spacing. After cutting the trellis to size, install the leg pieces by using two-inch deck screws.

A trellis arbor can lead guests to the favorite areas of your yard. It can be a great way to add some privacy to your yard.

A bench beneath a trellis arbor will keep guests from getting lost inside while providing a comfortable place to sit.

If you’re serious about vegetable gardening, a raised garden bed can be a wonderful addition to your garden. This raised bed is 8 feet long and four feet wide. It’s also high enough to serve as a potting bench.

A three-season planter box will last longer than a traditional planter bench.

In addition to planter benches, there are also several ways to decorate a front door. One way to define an area is to include a bench with storage underneath the seat.

A planter bench with storage underneath can be a great seating option for a small area or an outdoor living space. A planter bench can be used for a variety of purposes – from a flower garden to a mini garden.

2. Wall-mount trellis

If you want to beautify your entranceway wall-mounted trellis is a good idea. It allows you to cover up a blank wall with vines or shrubs.

It also helps to hide any imperfections in the wall. You can choose the material and design of a wall-mounted trellis to match the rest of the exterior decor.

Trellises can be made of industrial pipe, wire, or netting, and attach to the exterior walls of your home. Plants can grow up and over the trellis, adding height and curb appeal to your home. In addition to making your home look more beautiful, trellises are functional as well.

You can also use an in-ground trellis to build a plant wall. This plant wall can cover the siding on your house. It does not take much to build, since you just need two horizontal and two vertical supports. Choose industrial pipe or wood for the frame.

A trellis that is attached to the front of your home can be as small as a picture frame or as large as a side of a building.

A heart-shaped trellis looks great against a heart-shaped cedar siding. Use spacers in between the trellis and the house to prevent water damage. There are many wall-mount trellises to choose from, and you can find one that fits your exterior perfectly.

A trellis made of wrought iron is a wonderful way to enhance the exterior of your home. The materials used to make a wrought-iron trellis are inexpensive and easily available.

Depending on your personal taste, you can build your own trellis at home. There are many online resources that offer trellis plans.

3. Pergola

When building a pergola, the first step is to build the structure. The structure is essentially a box supported by two posts.

The posts should overlap each other by about one foot. Once the base is in place, you can use pressure-treated lumber to build the rafters. Cut the boards using a miter saw or circular saw. You can also use a jigsaw to make curved cuts.

The rafters should be spaced every 16 inches on center. Then, you can screw the rafters together with 6” screws.

A pergola can be freestanding or a shady overhang along the front of your house. You can plant climbing roses or clematis in the framework for a beautiful outdoor display.

You can even have a detached pergola that draws attention away from the driveway and creates the illusion of a porch roof.

If you want a pergola with a low cost, you can use pressure-treated wood. This material is durable and can last for many years, and is also available at most home improvement stores.

Pressure-treated wood should be purchased from a reliable source. It’s best to buy pieces that have dry edges, as treated wood shrinks a lot.

There are many vines that can grow on a pergola. Clematis is a spectacular plant that blooms abundantly.

Clematis is easy to grow and can be combined with other plants. Another good choice for pergolas is honeysuckle, which produces delicious flowers as dusk approaches. The flowers also attract pollinators.

Wisteria has a long life span, but it will take some work to get established. However, it will make an excellent pergola if you’re willing to prune it regularly.

Adding a pergola to your front door can be a beautiful addition to the exterior of your home. It can provide a welcoming shade to your guests, and you can even add lighting to give it a magical appearance.

4. Planter box

If you want to add a garden in front of your front door, you can use a planter box as a trellis. This is a simple and affordable way to add a garden on your porch. You can use cedar boards to create a trellis to hang a planter box and a planter.

To make it more sturdy, you can attach the bottom of the planters with hex-head machine bolts and casters.

A trellis can provide support for climbing plants and flowers. It can also act as a privacy screen by allowing flowering plants to climb.

A trellis that has casters helps prevent the planter box from rolling down a slope. You can fill the trellis with potting soil and choose plants that need sun and water to thrive.

A simple, decorative planter box made of concrete blocks can also make a stunning statement.

You can paint the blocks black or choose another dramatic color to give them a unique look. You can then stack the blocks with the holes facing up to create an interesting pattern. Then, place a potted plant in one of the visible holes.

A trellis with planter box is an inexpensive and versatile way to add a garden on your front porch.

You can build one for a corner herb garden on a balcony, bookend a main entrance, or define certain areas in a larger backyard setting. If you’re building a trellis for a planter box, be sure to use Western Red Cedar for its durability and style.

A trellised planter box looks great on the side of a home and allows you to display self-climbing plants such as ornamental hydrangeas and ornamental hyacinth beans.

It can also be used to create a living wall and act as a privacy screen. You can even combine the trellis with a planter box to add a three-in-one design to your front porch.

5. Honeycomb trellis

Adding a honeycomb trellis to your front door can make a stunning statement.

This decorative trellis features hexagonal panels and can be hung from a fence or mounted on the front door itself.

The trellis is ideally suited for flowering vines and can be constructed from pressure-treated lumber. Once built, you can paint it or stain it to enhance its look.

The trellis also provides shade and privacy from the sun. A flowering vine can be trained to grow on it, providing privacy and color to the area.

For a unique design, you can also hang a basket of flowers or plants on it. A trellis can also be used to showcase climbing plants and other living artwork.

If you’d like to add a honeycomb trellis to your front door, you can start by building the frame.

First, measure the area you have to cover in your front yard and cut the wooden bars accordingly. Next, you need to measure and cut the horizontal supports into 14-inch-deep notches.

Front Door Trellis: Summary

A trellis is an essential piece of garden equipment. It helps in supporting plants and adds a new dimension to an otherwise boring area.

It also provides a support for vines that grow up. The structure is also perfect for growing vegetables and fruits. Even if you have a small yard, a trellis will provide a safe and convenient place to grow them.